TOEFL Score Pattern


When it is the iBT version of the test that is taken, the score given will range from 0 to 120. Once the test has been taken, they are sent to ETS and their online scoring network. Each one of the four skills will be rated and an overall figure worked out.

Reading: 0 – 30 points, Speaking: 0 – 30 points Writing: 0 – 30 points and Listening: 0 – 30 points making 120 in all. It will take 15 working days for the results to appear online and you will find your score in your personal account. A hard copy will also be sent out so as it can be distributed to people who need to know your score. It is possible to let academic organizations have access to your score online so they will know quickly how well you have done.

Scores for the listening and reading sections will be easy to see as there are pre-determined correct answer, so you are either right or wrong no middle ground. Once the paper is marked each section will have its score converted to a figure on the 0 – 30 scale. When it comes to TOEFL speaking section part, there will have been 6 responses recorded and they will be marked with a score of between 3 and 6. Each task will be rated 0-4 and this will be converted to the 0 – 30 scale. In this section it will be areas such as clearness of speech, the use of good English, the ability to answer the questions and whether they were fully or partially answered. It will be important that there is an understanding as well as coherent delivery of the text. Higher marks will be attained by students whose speech flows and it is easy to see that that they understand the relationship between the words they are using. It is accepted that there will be some flaws, and small mistakes will be taken into account as long as they are not happening throughout.

Once the test has been taken, it is up to ETS to send out the results and it has to be remembered that not all colleges will be asking for the same level to be attained. PhD courses will clearly need a higher score than a lot of other courses.

With the writing section there are at least 2 and as many as 4 people judging this section. The papers will each be rated between 0 and 5 and then converted into an average and turned into a mark between 0 – 30. There will have been checks made for quality of writing, as well as how accurate the papers where. Grammar will be noted as will the use of a wide and accurate vocabulary.

Structure is going to be one of the most important things when it comes to the essay and it will be judges on the overall ability of the candidate to write in English. There will be marks for how well the paper develops and how well it is structured. It is always good to take TOEFL preparation online practice session of the real test. There will clearly be some errors but this does not mean that there will be a low score given, as it is accepted that there will be some imperfections when this is being written in a second language.

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