As the test gets nearer there are things you will want to know and here is a selection of FAQs relating to the TOEFL ibt test and how to take it.

Q. What is the Best Way to Prepare?

A : Go to the ETS website and they will provide you with plenty of TOEFL test preparation material. There is no charge for this as long as you are registered to take the exam.

Q. Are there Many Questions?

A : There will be 140 or more as each test administer will have their test slightly different. The more questions there are however the more time there will be to answer them.

Q. How Can I Register?

A : This can be done online or by mail.

Q. What is the Cost?

A : US$130

Q. When will I Get My Ticket to take the Test?

A : This should be more than two weeks before hand- if it does not arrive by them contact your center.

Q. Can I change the Center?

A : It will be possible to go elsewhere but there may not be a place or materials there for you and there is no compulsion on that center to provide them.

Q. Can I change the Date?

A : No- you can ask for some of the fee to be refunded, but you will have taken a place that could have gone to someone else. You can rebook and this means paying again.

Q. What Do I need To Take?

A : Your ticket, your official identification papers and a recent photograph in a photo file.

Q. How can I Get in Touch With TOEFL?

A : E mail or visit the website for phone numbers and an address.

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