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If you want to be able to learn in an English speaking country then you are going to have to learn to speak English. You may be able to get by day to day with basic English, but in lectures and when taking exams you need to have a good knowledge. The Test of English as A Foreign Language can be taken on the internet and the good news is that there are a number of tools provided by the program that will prepare you for learning the language and ultimately taking the test. It has to be accepted that while this is going to get you accepted to study, there could be additional learning you have to do to get you up to speed with the vocabulary of your specific course.

The test will make sure that you are able to use English to such a level that you will be able to cope in university. You will have to learn what is TOEFL, how to listen to English and then be able to understand it and write it, read it and speak it. It will be linked to academic tasks as this will be the main purpose you will be using it in the future.

There are more than 27 million people who have taken this test and their ability ranges mainly between Advanced and Intermediate. Mainly they will be students although some will just want to take the test to understand their own proficiency levels. Anyone who intends to be a scholarship or certification candidate should certainly take it as should people who are applying for Visas.

There are Resource Centers that will provide support when you are leading up to the test and they will be able to give advice, although obviously not about the specific test you will take. This is a recognized test in more than 130 countries and altogether there are upwards of 9,000 colleges that accept the scores as accurate and suitable for their intake.

There are locations and dates for this test than any other and it is possible to take it more than once so if you think you can improve on your score you just need to wait 12 days and try again. ETS can be a great help when you are studying to take this test, and you can get both free and charged for material. If you visit their website they have a great deal of information including videos.

Cost to take the test will vary between countries and it tends to be between US$160 and US$250. To get the exact figure you will need to contact your own test center. It will also be possible to get information in your own language, so as you fully understand what is expected of you before you start to study and get ready to take the TOEFL ibt exam.

Do’s and Don’ts of TOEFL

Taking a test can be worrying at the best of times so it will be best to get a little advice when it comes to what you should and should not do when sitting the test.

One of the most important things is to listen and read carefully. Too often people know the answer to a question but rush through reading it and answer something totally different. It is well worth reading each question twice as the time you use will be time well spent if it makes sure you fully understand what you need to answer. It is also important that you are aware of the level that you are expected to have reached, so don’t try to overstretch yourself. Use language you know is right rather than trying to use bigger words when you are not sure of the context.

Make sure that you are fully prepared, and have using books and TOEFL practice test to find out what is expected and that you have carried out as much practice as you can. You should have taken advantage of the services of a teacher as few people will be able to get a good score if they are self taught. Do make sure that you have read everything you can and listened to as much English as possible even if it was not a subject you were interested in. Practice makes perfect and more practice will make you even better.

Do make sure that you can make detailed notes as this will help when you are listening during the TOEFL exam as there is only one chance to hear it, Good notes will make it easier to answer the questions. Don’t try to write down everything and certainly don’t write down words if you are not sure about them. Don’t be afraid to ask for more paper and make sure you are seen when you are ready or more.

Practice pronunciation as this will be important as the clearer the words are, the higher the points you will score. If possible beforehand, tape yourself speaking and ask for advice as to how accurate you are.

One big issue has nothing to do with your speaking but your ability to type. Get used to the keyboard before you sit the exam and the more you practice the fewer mistakes you will make during the exam.

Do make sure you understand the layout of an essay. It should have an opening paragraph a body and then a closing paragraph. Time yourself writing to make sure you are typing at the best of your ability and leave yourself enough time.

Do make sure that you are relaxed and that the weeks before hand have been spent either practicing or taking time out to have fun. It is important to eat before taking the exam as you don’t want to be distracted by hunger.

Finally don’t be afraid to take the test more than once. You will know what to expect when it comes to subsequent ones and could easily get an improved score.

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