SAT Score Pattern


Each section of the SAT exam that you is taken will have a raw score given to it. The sections covered are Writing, Critical Reading and Mathematics. The critical reading part of the SAT has 67 questions and each one of them will gain one point. If the answer is incorrect, then 1.4 of a point is deducted so you could end up with a score lower than the number of questions you got right. There is nothing done of a question is not answered at all, so if you really are not sure about an answer then it could work out better if you just ignored it rather than guessed. Once a point score has been worked out for this part of the SAT, it will be converted into a score that will be placed on a scale between 200 and 800.

When it comes to be the writing skills and mathematics of the SAT exam, pretty much the same procedures are followed except there are not any points taken away if the grid lines are not correct.

There have been discussions regarding the rights and wrongs about not answering SAT questions in the SAT exam in order not to lose points if you do not have the right answer. Many people believe that it is the wrong thing to do as you can have a good guess that may be right and give you a point.

Final scores for the SAT exam are scaled and this is the result that you will receive. There are two scaled scores, one being for the mathematical part, and one for the written part. 500 is the median score and therefore there will be half of the candidates sitting the SAT scoring above and half scoring below.

If you believe that you can do very well and get a score of over 700 on the SAT exam then you should answer every single question. If you thing the SAT exam is difficult and you are not going to be able to get to that level, then you are best concentrating on the areas you know and making sure that you get the highest possible mark from those questions. Wibpro Academy helps the test takers to get good score in real test by providing SAT flash cards through online.

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