How to apply for SAT


There are 7 times when the SAT can be taken in America and 6 times around the rest of the world.

There will be the majority of the students sitting the SAT while they are in their senior or maybe junior year of high school. There are many students who will sit the SAT twice as they will hope that on the second occasion there will be a better score.

Register Online

You can apply to take the SAT online registration and this is considered to be the easiest of all the ways to apply. You will need to choose the date that you want to sit the SAT and also the center you want to use. This way you will know right away of you have the date to sit the SAT that you want. You will also get access to registration that you may need when you come to print or correct the ticket of admission.

Register by Mail

This is a slower way to register for the SAT but there are times when it is the way you have to go. If you have to pay for the SAT with cash or money order then it must be done this way. You also have to do this if you are 13 years of age or younger. If you want to take the SAT on a Sunday then a visit is required and the same applies if you are asking for there to be a SAT testing center opened in the area where you live. People who cannot upload a digital photograph will have to go in person and this is the only way to register to take the SAT if you live in Nigeria, Ghana or Cameroon.

You will need to get the paperwork from your school and this includes SAT Subject Tests and The Registration Guide for the SAT.

There has to be a photograph sent with the SAT application and this is going to be used on the Admission Ticket.

Waitlist Registration

If you have missed the deadline to enroll for the SAT test registration, then you can ask for waitlist status. This means that you will be placed on a list and can turn up at the test center, Once all the SAT candidates have been seated the there is a chance that if there are materials and places extra candidates will be admitted on a first come first seated basis.

If you have been schooled at home you can register online or by mail. A form will have to be signed by a notary as you will need ID and a photograph must be attached. Once at the test center you will need to sign the form.

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