IELTS Scoring Pattern


It is trained examiners at the test centers who will be responsible for marking the IELTS exam papers and they are closely monitored to make sure that IELTS scores are fair and accurate. Normally the results will be through within 2 weeks and as there is the possibility of the institutions being sent the results as well as the candidate, places on courses or permission to travel can be confirmed quickly. The IELTS exam results have to go through the post as the centers do not have permission to give them over the phone, or online.

The score given on the IELTS exam will indicate how well the candidate can speak, understand and write English, and the scores will be banded between 1 and 9. The scores across the sections will have been averaged out and that is how the band is determined. Quite how this is done is not known, but it is known that listening and reading are given in both whole, or half bands, while writing and speaking only take full bands into account.

When the IELTS report is received, not only is the band given, but a written statement explaining how well the examiner thinks the candidate has done on the IELTS exam. The form will be specially validated with a stamp so there is no way that the results and documentation can be forged. A picture of the candidate is also included, and there are centers that will verify paperwork if there is a concern it is being fraudulently used. If there are concerns that the form is being used incorrectly it can be cancelled at any time.

Conversion Table

This is how the result of the answering of 40 questions of the IELTS will show when it comes to banding.

Right Answer Score
20 5.5
25 6
28 6.5
30 7
33 7.5
35 8
38 8.5
40 9

If level 9 of the IELTS exam is reached it is clear that the candidate is an expert when it comes to speaking English, while 6 will be classed as competent. If it is down at 4 it means basic and there are only well known phrases used, while 1 of the IELTS exam will be someone who only knows a few basic words.

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