How to apply for IELTS


Application to take the IELTS can be made online, by email, in person or through the post. It applying online it must be at least a week in advance of the test but you have up to 1pm the day before the test if applying in person.

To make sure the IELTS application is valid the following items need to be included. The form needs to be completed and fully legible and has to be accompanied by a photograph of an in date passport or other form of ID – UK residency Permit or European Union National Identity Card. Whatever you use must be available to be taken with you on the day of the test.

Payment for the IELTS exam can be made by card or postal order.

When applying in person, it can be at your nearest IELTS exam center. Cards can be used to make payment and it will be best to check with your center what other forms they accept. Some will take postal orders, others cash.

When the application is being made by post you will need to download and fill in the IELTS exam forms – application and payment. It will be necessary to give at least 2 dates in case the first choice is not available. Identity forms need to be sent in and these can be any of the three named above.

Email applications need the same information as the other IELTS exam applications and again more than one date needsto be suggested. Forms must be sent in either PDF or JPEG format.

If you apply online you will need the same details and will need to give the same information and documentation.

If you have been studying for the IELTS through a college some will be able to make block bookings and this will need to be in at least two weeks in advance. Often the college will be billed so payment has to be sorted with them.

It will be best not to cancel or request a change of date of the IELTS as you will need to give at least 5 week’s notice and even then will be charged the administration fee. The only way to get a refund is to prove you were too ill to attend and this must be done within 5 days of the test date.

Once the IELTS exam application documents have been checked and are correct you will be sent details of the date you have been given with a letter of confirmation. This must also be brought on the day.

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