How to apply for GRE


Although taking the GRE exam is not the only way to get into college, it is part of the system that colleges will use to determine who receives a place and who does not. Applying to sit the test is easy and only needs a few steps to be taken. The test shows what the student already knows and the educational level they are functioning at. It can be taken online or at a center and it suitable for acceptance on courses in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Applying for the Test

Firstly decide if you want to take the written test or fill it in online. Not all areas allow this so check if your area does and select the center you want to use – this may include some degree of travel in some cases. Select if you want to take the general test or a more course specific one such as psychology. The ETS – Educational Testing Services – run this test, so they need to be contacted in order to be enrolled.

Go to the GRE online registration site and fill in your name and this must be exactly how it is on your ID card to ensure correct registration. Enter the other personal details that are required and then pay the fee. To do this you must set up an account. There is a lot of information there regarding how the process will go and what you need to do leading up to sitting the test.

Ensure you select the right date for you as you will only be able to make changes up to 10 days before sitting the exam.

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