GRE Scoring Pattern


ETS are responsible for all things concerning the GRE online exam and that includes the method of scoring. It is vital that this is done accurately as this exam could play a big part in deciding if a student is accepted into a college in the UK, USA, Australia or Canada. As you will imagine a high score has to be attained in order to be accepted into the better colleges.

The test has recently been revised and scores will range from 130-170 with increments of just 1 point. The Analytical Writing section will not change and is still score 0-6 with half point increments. Once the score has been ascertained this will be sent to a minimum of 4 colleges and it is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the details of the colleges that they wish to receive the scores are correct. If the test is not being taken online, the college details have to be listed when registering. If there are many more colleges that you want to have informed, then there will be an additional fee.

It will normally take between 10 and 15 days for ETS to send out the results and once you have them they are valid for 5 years.

Once the GRE new pattern has been taken, it is up to ETS to send out the results and it has to be remembered that not all colleges will be asking for the same level to be attained. PhD courses will clearly need a higher score than a lot of other courses.

Analytical Writing Section

Regardless of the fact that this is spilt into 2 sections, there is only one score given so an average will be given. As the highest is 6, anything above 5.5 is going to prove that the candidate has a high ability in this area and is able to apply themselves to the task given. If it is above 4.5 but below 5 then there is some ability when it comes to interpretation of ideas while 3.5 to 4 shows there is a degree of logic present. If the score has not gone above 3 then it is clear that there are few skills and by the time it is 1.5 there is clearly a weakness when it comes to the subject. If it is as low as 1 or below it is not really going to be of any use for a college application.

Verbal and Quantitative Sections

Firstly it will be best to answer all questions, but there is not a penalty for not managing to finish, it is just that no points can be awarded and partial credits do not exist. When the test is taken online it is possible to see the result right away so you will have to decide whether or not you want to keep the score or not. There are some patterns that appear in the scoring and it is important to know about these before sitting the test. There are scores for each section and then an overall score will be calculated. This becomes an advantage when certain sections rate highly as it will be important to do well in certain areas for certain courses.

There is also a pattern referred to as percentage below, and this shows other takers who did not get to the same level as the candidate. This allows ability comparison to be made by the colleges and to let them see how the candidate with the rest of the cohort. The score is between 0 and 99 and can be a great help when colleges choose pupils.

Scores can be reviewed for a period of six months after the exam has been sat and there will be a fee required for this to happen – plus personal details will have to be sent. If you want to obtain an additional score report this can be done over the phone or the form can be downloaded. You have to pay for this and the fee varies.

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