Q. When can I take the GRE?

A : Any-time throughout the year. Online means it can be taken whenever you want, but appointments can be made at a center at a time suitable to you.

Q. What is the fee for GRE?

A : Inside the USA it is $115 and outside $140.

Q. What if I fail?

A : That is up to you – you could do worse next time. If you miss the score you need then you may have to re-sit.

Q. How can I take it?

A : You can sit online or in a test center – this may involve some traveling. In the USA it has to be online and in some countries such as China has to be paper based.

Q. What is the good score in GRE?

A : 310+ is a good score.

Q. How long can I quote my score?

A : You can use a score for 5 years after it is issued.

Q. What if I want or need a better score?

A : You can re-sit up to 5 times a year and just need to leave three weeks between each sitting.

Q. Can I take mock exams?

A : There are sample tests available and these will give you an idea of what you will be asked and how long you will take answering.

Q. How much training do I need?

A : If your English is good it will normally be between 3 and 6 months. If English is poor it could take a lot longer.

Q. Are there any resources?

A : Test takers can go with the GRE flash cards for practicing the tests.

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