Q. How Does GMAT Work?

A : You take the test on a computer

Q. How Difficult is GMAT?

A : It does get harder the more you go on, but if you struggle and have to miss a question, it drops back a little.

Q. How Many Questions does a GMAT section contact?

A : You can get anywhere between 35-45 questions per section.

Q. Do I have to Get Them All Right?

A : No, different colleges will accept different levels but it will be best to check what your college requires as a pass.

Q. What is the Highest Score in GMAT?

A : 800 with the lowest being 200 although most people get between 400 and 600.

Q. How Does The GMAT Scoring Work?

A : No one really know as there are a number of theories, one being that it is only the harder questions that are taken into account. Another is that each one holds the same amount of points.

Q. How Do I Book the GMAT?

A : Through a registered center and this can be online, by phone, by fax, by email or in person.

Q. What If I Have To Cancel my GMAT?

A : You will have to pay a fee to change the date – check with your local center as to what that is. If it is less than a week from the test you will lose the fee you paid.

Q. Do Many Places Value the GMAT?

A : When it comes to MBAs, then yes as there are more than 1,900 programs that require the GMAT.

Q. How Long Does The Score Last?

A : 5 years.

Q. Can I Re-sit?

A : Yes- but there must be at least a month between GMAT. If you do badly it may be best to leave it longer and study a lot more.

Q. How Long Before I Get My Score?

A : You will get it right away. If you are not happy you can have it cancelled. Your analytical writing score will be emailed later on.

Q. How Can I Pass On My GMAT Score?

A : You can give 5 schools to the center and they will distribute it and for a fee others can be added. It takes a couple of weeks so you may also want to contact them yourself.

Q. Do I need to take the GMAT For an MBA Program?

A : No, but many schools accept it and fewer take other exams.

Q. What Happens To The GMAT Score Later?

A : As it lasts for 5 years you can use it when applying for jobs as some companies like employees to have it.

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