What is GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is able to give information regarding the English abilities of a candidate. It is a test that is take on the computer and will show the level they have achieved with regard to reading, writing, analyzing and verbal skills. The main reason that people would take this GMAT exam rather than any of the others available is because it is aimed as students who are planning to start a graduate management program and one such program would be an MBA.

The GMAT exam is not used to assess how suitable the person is to take the course in the subject that they have chosen, but simply how well they are able to deal with the English language. There are 5,900 programs offered and upwards of 2,000 universities and other educational facilities take the GMAT test into account when admitting students and it is as important for mathematical studies as it is for any other at that level.

112 countries carry out the GMAT test, so it is clear that it is a popular and as the test has been standardized, wherever you are you will be taking the same test as everyone else. In 2012 there was a change made when a reasoning section was added and this is meant to determine how well the student can evaluate data. A recent survey showed that the GMAT exam was the most popular test when it came to students who wished to do an MBA.

The GMAT test has been in existence in one way or another since 1953 and to begin with around 2,000 people took it each year. More recently, 230,000 take it a year and it is continuing to increase in popularity.

The GMAT exam takes around 3 ½ hours to complete and once a score has been awarded it is legal to use it for the following 5 years. When applying to take the GMAT exam there is no need to have any other specific qualifications, but it is not the exam to take if you do not already have a decent level of English. It is possible to take the GMAT multiple times although a period of at least 31 days must be left in between each sitting.

Due to it costing US$250 to take the GMAT exam it is best to wait until you are sure that you will get a good score rather than rushing in and trying to at least get a pass before you are ready.

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